Number 1 mistake even experienced runners make and how to correct it…

…their slow runs are too fast.

When you are fit it feels good to run fast. That’s the reason many of us run! However, running too fast on steady runs and worse of all easy runs is a common mistake.

Doing this results in your training as a whole becoming too similar. You don’t get enough recovery from your harder runs and so your faster runs are not fast enough. If your hard sessions are hard enough you won’t feel like running your other runs too quick.

Every training session has a purpose. Running fast is a skill and so too is running slow. Take pride in being able to master the slow pace running skill and remember the true purpose of your easy or steady run.

Remedy 1. Run recovery runs at a pace you wouldn’t want anybody you know to see you running at. Easy enough to talk non-stop – you should feel better at the end of a recovery run than you did at the start.

Remedy 2. Run steady runs at a predetermined steady pace and stick to it! Don’t go faster no matter how good you feel. If it’s an off day – don’t force it, accept it and settle at slightly lower pace that is easier to maintain. Save your grit and determination for the harder sessions.