Sports Injuries

Getting over your injury is only the start. You want to get back to playing and competing at your best.

Some sports injuries seem quite straight forward, a bit of rest, ease back into playing and you are good to go. Unfortunately sometimes the injury returns or is replaced by another just as you were getting back to full fitness. Worse still sometimes the injury just persists.

Getting to the true root cause

Sometimes the site of injury is consistent with the apparent cause i.e. if you pull a muscle it is quite obvious. The question is now why that muscle? and why now? But what about an aching joint ache or pain that starts some time into your training or playing.

To answer these questions we will ask about your previous injuries, assess how you move and perform a series of tests to find the true root cause to best plan your treatment and rehabilitation.


Using a combination of hands on treatment and exercises we will reduce your pain and restore your normal range of movement. Getting you ready and able to begin your rehabilitation.


We will give you exercises chosen specifically for you based on the findings from your examination, special tests and the sport you want to get back to.

Step by step progression will ensure you return to your sport with the best chance of success.