Back Pain

Osteopathy is included in the possible treatments for back pain in NHS guidance*

Is your back pain getting in the way of your daily life, your work, your family activities and hobbies or even effecting your mood, energy levels and mental health?

Do you have sharp, nagging, persistent back pain that won’t seem to go completely or comes back suddenly with no warning.

Do you find getting up from sitting, sitting or standing for a while uncomfortable.

Do you find yourself thinking, when will this end, how long will it take to get better, why is this happening to me.

We understand

You want to return to not even thinking about your back, to doing the sport you love, picking up your kids without worry, sitting comfortably.

We can help

We can quickly reduce the pain you feel and more importantly find out why you are feeling it.

Give you strategies to cope more easily with every day tasks and more importantly the long term fixes to help you going forward.