Arthritis pain

Although arthritis can not be cured you can learn how to cope with the pain it causes better to live life to the full.

The pain you experience when you have arthritis can make daily activities difficult and tiring. Making you less able or motivated to do the things you love. This can contribute to lower energy and lower mood.

Living with arthritis

The changes in your joints caused by arthritis can not be undone. They may reduce the range of movement at the joint and together with the pain you experience may lead to a feeling of weakness.

Normally trivial daily tasks can become more difficult leading to annoyance and frustration.

You may fear your joints (and life) are on a one way journey to increased damage, increased pain and reduced capacity to live life to the full.

Fear not!

By becoming stronger and moving more, joints can become less painful, daily activities can become easier and even the leisure pastimes you enjoy can be continued/resumed.

How we can help

Using a combination of hands on techniques and exercises we aim to restore as much movement to stiff joints as possible.

We will design and advise on an exercise programme to help protect your joints and get you back doing what you want. Exercises will be tailored to your current fitness and the things you want to be able to do. It will require some effort from you but it will be worth it.

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